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Why Advanced Needs?

Technology isn't always simple and we're here to help! A personal one-on-one relationship toward connecting the people with their technological needs.

Advanced Needs combines personal education and professional experience in computer sciences with over a decade of field work and project management in high-end technologies and luxury home automation. This combination is unique and vital to design and installation and support of single multipurpose solutions for home and small business. It helps provide the knowledge and ability to complete our solutions with aesthetics, usability and reliablity in mind.

One room not enough?
All of our solutions are scalable from single zone to whole home multi room systems.

Whatever it is again, we're here to help! Some are just looking for a few answers, reach out! We offer consultations to explain, educate or "hand hold" you through your own DIY project.

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Smart Home & Automation

Smart Home? Smart Things? Smart TVs? We can explain the differences and work with you to create simple to use solutions for the technology in your life.
Just looking for a few controllable features around the home? We can add simple lighting and HVAC control.
How about automated door locks for safety? These type of home features and more are all available.
We can even centralize all of these categories into a single automation platform for a single app control solution.
Looking for larger advanced or luxury automation solution? Let us know. Home Automation is a specialized industry and it requires specific understanding, training and most of all experience you can't get with many other integrators.


Audio/Video & Custom Installation

Large flat screen TVs and loud surround sound systems have become a bit of a normality. There is a lot of knowledge and experience that goes into properly designing and executing a good media system or dedicated home theater. When that experience is limited the installation quality suffers and you are forced into a system you may not enjoy. Allow us to design and install the proper entertainment space for you and have your expectations rewarded with every use. We specialize in creating systems for even the smallest spaces or tightest budgets!


Networking & Wi-Fi Solutions

Slow Wi-Fi? Bad Coverage? Don't look to the cable guy.

A solid network is just as important to us as it is to you. Most of the time, Wi-Fi range and slow internet speed problems are not internet service "upgrade" related. The problems come for poorly set up network devices and poorly located Wi-Fi transmitting devices. Our mobile devices get better and faster and are more and more likely to stay connected to a poor signal. Each home environment can create a list of unique Wi-Fi problems...

Frankly it's complicated. Luckily, the solutions are not.


Camera Security

Would you like to have video monitoring of your home or business? We can provide camera monitoring solutions that are professionally installed and set-up with safety and security in mind. On-site recording and storage allows for 24/7 connectivity with remote access when you are away.


Outdoor Audio.
Landscape Lighting.

Your quality video and audio experiences don't need to stop indoors! Just like indoor projection home theaters, outdoor audio and video has gained poor expectations. We have 4k TVs designed for a bright sunny daya and ourdoor audio systems that will make your indoor speakers jealous.

Want to add some much needed comfort and security? We also have a variety of landscape lighting solutions to top off your outdoor space or homes overall presentation.


Unique Technological Need?

Technology is everywhere..we can assist in some of its more simpler needs. Printer setup and password managment help to data backups and device/service upgrades. Theses are only a few of the things we can help with. If it involves technology, reach out and lets take a look.